Voicemails to the Editor

Written, produced, and performed by Catherine Lacey, Graham Mason, Sean Cole, Sayre Quevedo, David Weinberg, Bianca Giaever, and James T. Green
Edited by Jenny Ament

Annals of Minimalism

Written and directed by Rick Moody
Music, sound editing, and production by Chris Abrahams
Voice acting by Ann Heppermann, Dean Olsher


Written and performed by Joseph Keckler

Percy and the Fire Plums

Written by Rion Amilcar Scott

Ending One

Produced by Adriene Lilly
Voice acting by Gillian Glasco
“Bone Music” written and performed by Pamela Z. Recording by Starkland.
Published by Last Letter Music.All rights reserved.

Ending Two

Produced by Cher Vincent
Voice acting by Julian Long

Get On Board

Written and composed by Yvette Janine Jackson
Main article by Samantha Wood
Voice acting by King Britt, Joe Cantrell, Barclay DeVeau, Samuel Ekkehardt Dunscombe, Judith Hamann, Zac Jaffee, Shayla James, Jenny Rastegar, Malesha Jessie Taylor


Script, electronic sounds, and mixing by Kate Soper
Voice acting by Gelsey Bell, Lukas Papenfusscline,
Paul Pinto, Kate Soper
Illustrations by Woshibai
“Wolf  ” by Kate Soper, performed by Yarn/Wire
Prelude no.1 in C Major from The Well-Tempered Clavier by Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 846), performed and arranged by Kate Soper


Written, sound-designed, and performed
by Karinne Keithley Syers
Additional voice acting by Daniel Manley
Scroll illustration by Wesley Allsbrook
Lantern design by Alvaro Villanueva

Crypto Acoustic Auditory Non-Hallucination

Written and produced by Andy Slater
Voice acting by Lucy Newton
Sound catcher illustration by Annie Dills

Clinical Judgment

Produced by Aliya Pabani
Written by Aliya Pabani and Stephen Thomas
Voice acting by Chris Creighton-Kelly, Stephen Thomas
Poster illustration by Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva
“Exotic Animals,” “Cookie,” and “Triller” by Eucalyptus


Written, produced, and performed by Ian Chillag
Additional production by Mike Danforth
Illustrations by Haik Avanian

Aleatory Fiction

Sounds by Jeremiah Moore
Vocals by Isaiah Sawyer Moore
Korg littleBits “burulator” by Avi Sawyer Moore
Melodic chair caster found and transmitted by Steve Dye
Sheets by Abigail Sawyer
Lost Childhood Painscape #04, commissioned by Tara M.E. Thompson and The LIDA Project, Denver. Field recordings from Point Reyes National Seashore, Musick Creek Preserve, Chaco Canyon, the Bavarian home of Limpe Fuchs, Park City Utah, Olympic National Park, Año Nuevo State Park, The TANK Center for Sonic Arts, and the wilds of San Francisco.

Speculation, N

Written and performed by Shayla Lawz
Produced by Bassel
“Heaven All Around Me” by Saba, 2018. With permission from Saba Pivot, LLC.

Audio Tours of Your Home

Illustrations by Michael Kirkham

Your Laundry Room

Written and additional voice acting by Edwina Attlee
Produced and sound-designed by Angela Shackel
Voice acting by Mide Akerewusi
LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor)
“FX The Gegenschein 2” by fran_ky, licensed under CC BY 3.0
Furnace_edited” by joedeshon, licensed under CC BY 3.0

Your Study

Written and performed by Renee Gladman
Produced by Sara Brooke Curtis
“Asunder” by Express Rising
“Ritual Four,” “Ritual Eight,” and “Ritual Eleven” by Jason Leonard
“Kanimba” by Mandekalou © 2006 Syllart Records
All found sounds recorded by Sara Brooke Curtis, aside from the flowing river found on

Your Kitchen

Written and produced by Katharina Smets
Music by Tim Vandenbergh
Further assistance by Margot Timmermans

Your Bathroom

Written and performed by Jason Reynolds
Produced by Eliza Smith and Jacob Winik

Your Bedroom

Written and performed by Claudia Dey
Produced by Eliza Smith and Jacob Winik
Additional voice acting by Ishan Davé, Rebecca Marcyes

Your Wall

Written, produced, and performed by
Sharon Mashihi


Assisted by: Mariel Cariker, Leigh Ann Coleman, Ian Coss, David Cotrone, Annie Dills, Alexandra Galou, Tamia Jernigan, Shannon Leap, Davis Mendez, Finn O’Neil, Mark Pagán, Zoë Ruiz, Emily Shenfield, Lauren Spohrer, Raj Tawney, Thao Thai, Emma P. Theiss, Selena Trager, Alvaro Villanueva, Isabella Zou. Copy Editor: Caitlin Van Dusen. Sales and Distribution Manager: Dan Weiss. Publishing Associate: Eric Cromie. Technology Director: Brian Christian. Art Director: Sunra Thompson. Founding Editor: Dave Eggers. Executive Director: Amanda Uhle. Senior Producer: Andrew Leland. Editor: Claire Boyle.

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