Audio Tours of Your Home

by Katharina Smets, Edwina Attlee, Angela Shackel, Renee Gladman, Sara Brooke Curtis, Claudia Dey, Eliza Smith, Jacob Winik, and Jason Reynolds

Illustrations by Michael Kirkham

The physical component of this piece is an accordion pamphlet with eight panels, in the style of city walking tours that you’d get in the vestibule of a motel. This is a basic descriptive transcript of the pamphlet, which contains links to the descriptive transcripts of each tour.

[On the cover is an illustration of a bisected house with the words “Audio Tours of Your Home” across the top. The next panel includes an introduction to the tours and table of contents. The next six panels advertise six different tours, each of a different room of your house—your kitchen, your laundry room, your bedroom, your wall, your study, and your bathroom. Each panel includes information on that tour and an illustration of a sparse, generic version of that room. For more detail of the pamphlet’s illustrations, read a poetic image description by Dorothea Lasky here.]

Introductory panel

Welcome to your home. We’re so happy you’ve come—or, rather, that you haven’t left. Inside this brochure you’ll find six distinct audio tours, each one guiding you through a different room of your home, the ideal destination for culture, relaxation, receiving official mail, and more. As you listen, you’ll be invited to move through these rooms, touching and tidying, tidying and remembering. Come, take a stroll around, and experience this place like you never have before. Your home awaits.

Your Kitchen

Written and produced by Katharina Smets
Duration: 9 min

At the heart of your house you’ll find the kitchen, where you feed and are fed. Feel the cool tiles beneath your feet as you take in your surroundings, inhaling the aroma of food scraps and damp hand towels. This kitchen has seen so much life, has it not?

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Your Laundry Room

Written by Edwina Attlee
Produced by Angela Shackel
Duration: 19 min

If you have some free time, take a trip to the laundry and discover its hidden pleasures. Separate your whites and darks, head to your machines—whether in your basement or at the laundromat down the block—and begin. Let’s all wash together.

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Your Bedroom

Written by Claudia Dey
Produced by Eliza Smith and Jacob Winik
Duration: 22 min.

Ah, the bedroom. Where the “magic” happens. A lot more than that has happened in your bedroom, though. You’ve done things you’d like to forget. It’s time now that you face all that.

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Your Wall

Written and produced by Sharon Mashihi
Duration: 15 min.

As you explore your home, you might not pay them any mind. But what would your walls tell you, if they could talk?

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Your Study

Written by Renee Gladman
Produced by Sara Brooke Curtis
Duration: 13 min.

Be it a fully appointed office or a simple nook, the study is the home’s most sacred space. A space to think, to read, to conjure. Allow us to prepare you for study, as your study has been preparing for you.

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Your Bathroom

Written by Jason Reynolds
Produced by Eliza Smith and Jacob Winik
Duration: 11 min.

On your way back from the bedroom, be sure not to miss your bathroom, just down the hall. A popular final stop on the way out of the house, the bathroom features—at the very least—a toilet and sink. Isn’t that enough?

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